Full name is Ambra od Klafárku (translates to something like Ambra of Klafárek), but she listens to her “street name” Amy. She is trained for obeying orders and for agility, not for defence or aggressivity.

She is calm, self-confident, friendly but she can look after her close ones. As most bull terriers, she is a domestic dog who enjoys taking naps in warm room, she regularly sleeps with children and participates in their games – sometimes not very happy about the role she is given, but plays along anyway.

After her working father she inherited joy from training and as a proper bull terrier she loves to play with chewing toys, she loves most when she can chase after a ball.

She has more terrier looks of the bull terrier breed, athletic, longer legs.

Breed show: 15. September 2018, Czech English Bull Terrier club exhibition
Exhibition: XXXV. International dog exhibition Prague, 2.December 2018, grade: Excellent

Born: 8. April 2016
Weight: 23 kg